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Rules and Entry Procedures for the 2015 Contest

Rules and Entry Procedures
This can earn you some special awards! Get out your favorite recipes, whip up your tastiest maple foods, and prepare to enter the contests at the 49th Annual Vermont Maple Festival.

All entries will be judged by a team of judges on Thursday evening, April 23th, 2015 beginning at 5 p.m. No one is permitted in the judging area during judging (except for the judges and their assistants). All contest rules must be followed exactly and decisions of the judges are final. Contestants will be notified of the reason for any disqualification by the contest chair. Only pure Vermont maple syrup may be used in the preparation of any entry.

Adult Awards

In the adult cooking contest all entries judged to be excellent will receive a Blue Ribbon and $10. In addition, Awards of Merit will be made in each class, and recipients will be presented a rosette and $15.00.   These winners will compete for the title “Vermont’s Best Maple Cook.” The overall winner will receive a sash, engraved plaque, and have the honor of being presented in the 2015 Festival parade. Presentations are made at the Vermont Maple Barbeque on Saturday evening.

Youth Awards
In the youth cooking category, all entries judged to be excellent will receive a Blue Ribbon and $10.00.  One Award of Merit will be made, and that recipient will be presented a rosette and $15.00. The overall winner will receive the title of "Vermont's Best Maple Youth Cook", receive a sash, an engraved plaque, and have the honor of being presented in the 2015 Festival parade. Presentations are made at the Vermont Maple Barbeque on Saturday evening.

Award of Merit
Winners shall be notified on Friday April 24th.

Additional Award Information

Adult and Youth Award of Merit winners attend the Vermont Maple Barbeque at 6:00 p.m. on Saturday, April 25th, 2015. One ticket is provided for each Award of Merit winner; additional tickets are available.  Adult and Youth cooking class winners must be in attendance at the Vermont Maple Barbeque to be eligible for the title of Vermont’s Best Maple Cook and Vermont’s Best Youth Cook.

see the list of 2014 Winners

Maple Cooking Contests

All rules of the Contest must be followed.
      Class and Product
      1C. Cakes
      2C. Pies/Other Desserts
      3C. Pickles, Preserves, Sauces & Dressings
      4C. Breads
      5C. Maple, For the Health of It
      6YC. Youth (ages 14 & under)  

Additional Cooking Contest Rules:

  1. Each dish entered must contain a significant amount of Pure Vermont maple (syrup, sugar or cream). The use of other Vermont products is encouraged. No artificial flavorings shall be used.
  2. Products must be made from “scratch” - no mixes or prepared foods classified as “convenience foods.”
  3. Entries become the property of the Festival and no containers or products will be returned to the entrant.
  4. Products, with ribbons, will remain on display at the Exhibit Hall for the remainder of the Festival.  Unauthorized removal of products from the display area will result in future ineligibility.
  5. Cakes, pies, and breads should be delivered uncut. If the entry is created in individual servings/pieces, at least 3 samples must be provided, neatly arranged on a serving dish. Garnishing is encouraged.
  6. A clearly written, accurate recipe must accompany each entry. Recipes become the property of the Vermont Maple Festival and may be published.
  7. Foods must not require heating or refrigeration while awaiting judging. Highly perishable products, which would be unsafe to eat, after 2 hours at room temperature, should not be entered in this contest.
  8. Contest entrants must be residents of Vermont.
  9. Scoring will be based on the following criteria:


(10 pts)


(10 pts)


(10 pts)

Uniformity of size/shape    

(10 pts)

Conformity to contest rules (including neatness
of recipe)

(10 pts)


(10 pts)

Prominence of maple

(20 pts)

Overall quality of product

(20 pts)


100 pts

10. "Maple for the Health of It." To enter a product you must follow all other contest rules. In addition you must state a nutritional goal, (low fat/cholesterol, gluten free, antioxidant rich, high fiber, low sodium, etc.) for each product entered. Support the stated nutritional goal with the ingredients used in the recipe. A clear effort to omit or substitute for the targeted ingredients (fat, gluten, salt, etc.) must be in evidence. A product which is naturally free of these targeted ingredients is not an appropriate submission. For example, Maple Applesauce is not eligible as a low fat entry because there is no expectation that applesauce would contain fat. A Maple Cookie, however, which used applesauce to replace the fat ordinarily found in a cookie, would be an acceptable entry. The enriching ingredients that are used to achieve the stated nutritional goal of enhancing the fiber content, adding antioxidants, etc. must be clearly indicated. Submit along with the entry and recipe, a brief paragraph showing the adjustments which have been made to qualify the recipe for this new, healthy category.

Getting your entries to St. Albans and the 2015 edition of the
Vermont Maple Festival Cooking Contest:

Entries can be delivered to the Festival Exhibit Hall, BFA Cafeteria, (off of Fairfield Street in St. Albans) on Thursday, April 23, 2015 from 1 to 5 p.m. only.

Entry Tags: Tags must be completed by the contestant before leaving the entry. Entry Tags will be available at each pick up point and the Maple Festival Exhibit Hall. Entry tags must be completed by the exhibitor and the correct contest class noted. The festival assumes no responsibility for error by exhibitors. 

All entries become the property of the Festival and no containers or products can be returned to the exhibitor.   

Good Luck!  Enjoy the 49th Vermont Maple Festival.
Cooking Contest Questions???
            Call Kaye Mehaffey 527-0289 (evenings)

Cooperative Insurance Company is sponsor of the Exhibit Hall Cooking Contest